Temp Housing Swaps in Hong Kong
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Temp Housing Swaps in Hong Kong

Where to find temp housing swaps in Hong Kong. Sites that offer temp housing swaps or exchange.

Unlike the movie “The Holiday” finding a home in another country where the owner is all-too-ready to get the heck out of Shenzhen, is not as simple as typing “swapping homes in Shenzhen.” The process is a bit different from that. There are a good many sites that help to arrange an exchange between someone from America, Africa, England, France and a number of other countries with temp housing swaps in Hong Kong.

Purchasing property in Hong Kong is extremely expensive and can be impossible for the foreigner as the government does not allow ownership of homes, by outsiders. Renting property in Hong Kong is also, expensive and risky. The legalities of ownership and rentals vary greatly from country-to-country and one never knows what they might be getting involved with, so exchanges or temp housing swaps are the best option.

A beautiful, yet small apartment near Peak Tower or the beach at Tolo Harbor can be as much as $600-thousand for less than 2-thousand square feet. Single family homes in Hong Kong are extremely hard to find and most swappers are offering apartments, albeit, fair-sized units that will accommodate 2 to 9 people. So, how do you find one of these apartments?

It’s not as difficult as it might sound. There are numerous realtors and websites designed to help those looking for temp housing swaps in Hong Kong. Most require you to become a member, however, some will allow you to sign in as a visitor and still others will let you browse. You can browse the sites freely, but you must join in order to communicate with an individual offering their property for exchange. Most sites require a membership fee. There are a couple of sites that only ask that you donate. Regardless of the site you choose, you will have to fill out an information form.

To find a property you have to fill out a form, as well. The form asks for the location you’re searching for, and what accommodations you would like. It asks if you have children, are you a smoker, do you have pets, and what experience you’ve had with swapping homes. Once you have answered these questions, it leads you to a page with homes in that area for you to view virtually. The listings give photos and information about the location, the type of home, and so-forth before you begin the virtual tour.

Some sites will have more listings than others depending upon your needs, family size, and the length you’re planning to stay. There are homes that are only open for two to three weeks a year, and others that are open for long-term swaps.

There are fewer homes near the coast; however, the majority of the homes were listings that wanted to exchange for vacation purposes only.

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