Tallest Monuments in the United States
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Tallest Monuments in the United States

The eight tallest monuments in the United States which are all have observation decks open to the public and are great tourist attractions.

These are the tallest monuments in the United States many of which are famous and all are great tourist attractions. The list does not include statues which can be found at 10 Tallest Statues in the United States or lighthouses which can found at Tallest Lighthouses in the United States. This list is only for monuments the majority of which are obelisks.

1) Gateway Arch in St. Louis - 630 feet

Image Source by Daniel Schwen

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri is one of the most recognizable monuments in the United States and in the world as it is 630 feet tall and also 630 wide from base to base. Built from 1963-1965 and opened to the public in 1967 the Gateway Arch is a beautiful structure and huge tourist attraction in St. Louis that allows tourists to ride to the top to an observation area for fantastic views where visitors can see as far as 30 miles on a clear day. The Gateway Arch is the symbol for the city of St. Louis, Missouri.

Image Source

2) San Jacinto Monument in Texas - 570 feet

Image Source

The San Jacinto Monument is located in San Jacinto State Park in La Porte, Texas just east of Houston. The monument is dedicated to the "Heroes of the Battle of San Jacinto and all others who contributed to the independence of Texas." The San Jacinto Monument is 570 feet tall and weighs over 70 million pounds, is 125 square feet at the base and tapers up to 30 square feet at the top where there sits a 34 foot high lone star.

Image Source

The monument was built during the Great Depression by the Public Works Administration from 1936-1939 and is a popular tourist attraction in Houston which is visited by some 250,000 people a year and tourists can ride an elevator to the top for great views.

3) Washington Monument in Washington DC - 555 feet

Image Source

The Washington Monument is located on the west end of the National Mall in Washington DC and stands 555 feet high. Though only the 3rd tallest monument in the United States the Washington Monument is the tallest structure or building in the capital city and when it was completed in 1884 it was the tallest structure in the world until 1889 when the Eiffel Tower was completed. The Washington Monument is a very populat tourist attraction in Washington and visitors can ride an elevator to the top for great views of the capital.

4) Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial in Ohio - 352 feet

Image Source

The Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial is located in the town of Put-in-Bay, Ohio on South Bass Island in Lake Erie north of Sandusky near where the Battle of Lake Erie was fought. In the Battle of Lake Erie Oliver Hazard Perry commanding a United States Navy fleet of nine vessels defeated and captured six Royal Navy Vessels in 1813 during the War of 1812. Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial was built from 1912 to 1915 to commemorate the victory and the lasting peace since between the USA and Great Britain. Visitors to the memorial can climb to an observation deck for views of Lake Erie.

5) Jefferson Davis Memorial in Kentucky - 351 feet

Image Source

The Jefferson Davis Memorial is located in the Jefferson Davis State Historic Site in Fairview, Kentucky off US Highway 68. Built from 1917 to 1924 the monument is 351 feet high and has an elevator to take visitors to the observation platform at the top.

6) Bennington Battle Monument in Vermont - 306 feet

Image Source

The Bennington Battle Monument is 306 feet tall and located in Bennington, Vermont at 15 Monument Circle at the site of the Battle of Bennington in which American General John Stark defeated two detachments of General John Burgoyne's invading British Army during the American Revolution. The monument was completed in 1889 to commemorate the victory and today visitors can ride an elevator to an observation floor 200 feet up for great views of the surrounding Vermont countryside.

7) Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Indianapolis - 284 feet

The 284 foot high Soldiers and Sailors Monument was dedicated in 1902 and is located at Monument Circel in Indianapolis, Indiana. There is an observation deck open to the public at the top which is free if one climbs the 331 steps to the top. For a minor fee visitors can ride the elevator up.

Image Source

8) Pilgrim Monument on Cape Cod - 252 feet

Image Source by Rene Schwietzke

The Pilgrim Monument is a 252 foot tall monument located in Provincetown, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. The Pilgrim Monuemtn was built from 1907 to 1910 to commemorate the landing of the Pilgrims in 1620, and the signing if the Mayflower Compact.

9) Bunker Hill Monument in Boston - 221 feet

Image Source

The Bunker Hill Monument is a 221 foot high granite obelisk built from 1827-1843 to commemorate the Battle of Bunker Hill. The monument is located on Breed's Hill where the actual battle took place near Boston and visitors can climb the 294 steps to the top for great views of the surrounding area.

10) High Point Monument in New Jersey - 220 feet

Image Source

High Point Monument is located at High Point, New Jersey in the very northwestern part of the state. At an elevation of 1,803 feet High Point is the highest elevation in New Jersey and the highest peak in the Kittatinny Mountains. The High Point Monument was built in 1930 to commemorate those who died fighting for the country. From the top of the monument visitors can see spectacular views across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Obelisks_in_the_United_States


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Comments (5)

These monuments are beautiful. :-)

Terry Sylvester

You left out the Soldiers & Sailors Monument in downtown Indianapolis which stands 284 feet tall including a 38 foot statue on top. It has an observation deck at the top. The monument is over 100 years old and is located on Monument Circle in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.

Ranked #1 in Real Estate

Thank you Terry! Added it today.

Joe Henry

Don't forget the Pilgrim monument on Cape Cod. Completed in 1910 to commemorate the first landing of the Mayflower Pilgrims. Standing 252 feet, it's the tallest structure made of granite in the US.

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