Ocala Homes in Laurel Woods - A Simple Guide To Buy Real Estate
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Ocala Homes in Laurel Woods - A Simple Guide To Buy Real Estate

Laurel Woods is a beautiful neighborhood in Ocala Florida. It is a great idea to relocate in this area especially now since buying real estate is a profitable decision. The city has a bounty of natural landscapes, water bodies and an exceptionally thriving economy, This is one among the first few cities that bounced back after recent recession. The climate, the stunning natural scenery, the peaceful neighborhoods and unbeatable real estate prices are excellent factors to convince you to relocate to Ocala Florida.

Popularly known as the 'Crossroads of Florida' Ocala is a peaceful and prosperous city in Marion County of Florida. This city is also known as the "Horse Capital of the World". One of the major attractions of this city - besides the famous Silver Spring Nature Theme Park - is the largest artesian spring formation in the world, i.e. the Silver Springs of Florida. Ocala also houses the second largest national forest in Florida known as the Ocala National Forest or the Florida National Scenic Trail - which was established way back in 1908.

Ocala is recognized as one of the favorite destinations for people who are looking for a happy, peaceful and high-quality retirement life. The population in this city shot from 100,000 in 1975 to 250,000 in 2000. Today the population has crossed 340,000 showing a growth rate of about 20%.

For entertainment and leisure you also have Laurel Wood Golf 19 Hole Golf Course with snack bar, pro-shop, 2 level driving range, power cart rental, and practice putting green. The golf course has completed 80 years, already.

Ocala Homes in Laurel Woods - What Type of Market You Should Expect?

The management of Laurel Wood Homeowners Association is in the hands of Wendy Thrower of Bosshardt Property Management.

1. Types of Houses available - there are plenty to choose from in Ocala. You have about 9,529 condos and about 2,248 apartments that are rented.

2. Average cost for a home - $168,261Highest price for an independent house - $535,000

4. Lowest price for an independent house - $299,900

5. The benefits of living/ relocating here - Ocala  is among the fastest growing economically and has one of the lowest crime rate. The per capital income is approx $18,021 while the national number reads $21,587. There is a beautiful Story-Telling Festival held every year, which attracts tourists from all over the country.

This city has earned a reputation of being one of the most comfortable and reliable cities for retirement communities. The city always looks green and fresh, offering great opportunities for exercise for those who love outdoors. Visit the beautiful and world famous Silver Springs Park, or take a ride in the super-attractive boats that have glass bottom; and of course, there are the horse camps (the city is also called the State's Horse Capital), mountain bike camps, trails for trekking and so much more.

Find A Home In Laurel Woods Ocala Florida

You may need assistance with finding the right house among the Ocala Homes in Laurel Woods. In that case look up a realtor who is familiar with the Ocala area and real estate scenario to help you. Realtors are often a better choice that real estate agents because realtors belong to special and elite class of real estate agents where they have to abide to very high and strict code of conduct. A realtor not only have the exceptional talent to sniff out and shine a light on the most deserving (and matching ) house to your requirement, but also get you the best price.

Do not stumble through the listings to choose on your own house. Identify and book a realtor to identify the right home from among the so many Ocala Homes in Laurel Woods. A realtor will not only save on money and effort for you, but also find that exact matching house you were looking for in no time.

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