How To Select A Real Estate Agent
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How To Select A Real Estate Agent

Many people don't know where to start to select a real estate agent to sell or buy a home or property. Here is a "How To" list of facts to follow from the beginning of your project to the selection of the agent. This article will guide you from the beginning to the look back to give you confidence so you will know you chose the right person to help in your selling or buying project.

Selling a home in the spring is made easier with these real estate agent facts to correctly choose an adequate person for the project.

Get referrals

1.  Talk to people who have sold their home recently and gather names of referrals.

2.  Read the local newspaper of people selling their homes and inquire if they are content with their real estate person.

3.  Visit the local real estate company in your neighborhood. Talk with one or more agents to determine if you want to hire them.

Grade the real estate broker

1.  As to see the sales the agent has accomplished in the last 6 months.

2.  Check online to monitor that broker's successes.

3.  When you find a broker you wish to know more about, make an appointment to converse with that person.

Compare agent 

1.  Look over the real estate brokers in your state.

2.  Verify licensees of the brokers in area you seek housing or property.

3.  Seek compatibility in personality and work ethics to avoid disappointments.

Broker report card

1.  Gather information about the percentage of the listings from the past year that have sold.

2.  DOM (days on market) pin points the number of days one of the listings is on the market before it sells is a good business thermometer to seek about an agent.

3.  Get addresses, sales prices and list prices of recently sold homes by that broker.

4.  Determine what sales transactions they will not deal with so there is no lapse in moving forward when a specific property is found.

5.  Give the agent a grade after looking over all their work load as much as you desire to view.

Visit the home you want to own

1.  Look over the multiple listing statistics for your desired property in the office.

2.  Go home and seek the information online again to review anything you missed.

3.  Go to the nearby businesses to discover natural disasters in the last 1 year or more that are connected with owning property in the neighborhood.

Cautions to mention

1.  Bring those concerns of caution to an agent if you chose one. Keep a running list of alerts when you select a real estate broker.

2.  If there is a possible short sale;  ask broker for the details they can supply you with that they most recently brokered.

3.  Know some real estate language by learning online or reading that  information elsewhere.

4.  If you don't get all good results while you search out a real estate agent, keep investigating by calling, connecting and going with your gut feeling.


Interview with 17 year experienced real estate agent

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Comments (16)

Recommended and tweeted.

Wow!  Very comprehensive guide for selecting the best real estate agent.  Nice job, Roberta.

There are many bogus real state agents running everywhere and I thank you for this information Roberta.

Very well written Madam Roberta.

Excellent tips, Roberta. It is not easy to find a good real estate agent. A very informative post again, thank you.

very good dear, have a happy day

Excellent piece. You should be the moderator for this category.

Excellent article.

Great advice Roberta!

Great article...displaying helpful guidelines on how to select a real estate agent.  Thanks sharing for sound advice.

What a perfect how to, roberta

I was referred to an agent in one city by an agent in another - do not trust agent referrals, they do this as favors to one another.  The guy she referred me to was horid, he knew nothing about rural properties, he was 2 hours late to meet us (we just drove 6 hours to meet him and he was late) had not even found the properties we wanted to see on the map.. and lied about the distance of one of the homes in relationship to a nearby city.

We told the agent who recommended him and she admited that they do it only as a favor, and she knew nothing about him other than that he had once referred a client to her.

Ranked #7 in Real Estate

Very useful and it is really a systematic way of selecting a real estate agent.Thanks.

Wise information and tips, thanks. I hope I will not be in the sitauation where I need to move anytime soon!

Wow,people often find it very difficult in choosing from the real estate agents who're already known to them. You've made such a difficult task  very simple.

No votes left for me, so I can't recommend now.

Excellent points, Roberta. I agree that it's very important to do your homework and learn as much as possible about a realtor before working with that individual.