How to Buy Land Cheaply
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How to Buy Land Cheaply

How to buy land cheaply by looking at County Plat Books in the County Assessor's office. Use every available option such as local networking, the Internet and newspapers.

For those of us who want to live off the land, get away from it all, we need to know how to buy land cheaply. Where is the land, is there any good land left? Everyone wants land, and those who have it seem to want more. Land prices are high because everyone wants land, you know the old saying-"buy your land first, they aren't making any more of it."

Besides being a good hedge against inflation, it's pretty hard to lose money on land if you buy it cheap enough and hold onto it long enough. On the other hand, don't buy land you don't want. You may be tempted to buy land that's near a factory or a landfill;but buying this land would be a bad idea, and one that you'll live to regret.Buy land cheaply by finding someone who wants to get out from under their land because their plans have changed.


Don't overlook the obvious-maps. Arm yourself with plenty of maps of the area you're interested in. Study them carefully; you can use either paper maps or online maps, look for aerial and topographical maps too. Check out Google Earth, for loads of useful map information.

County Tax Assessor's Office

This office keeps track of who owns what land in the county for the purpose of assessing property taxes. You can find out who owns what land and their addresses.To benefit from these methods, you'll have to be willing to put in the necessary work, and it can be tedious.

Look at your topography map and find the areas you're interested in, write down the number, township and range; this is the information you'll take to the County Assessor's office. Once you get to the County Assessor's office, ask the attendant if you can look in the county plat books. You're looking for out-of-town landowners; find and copy the names and addresses of asof them as you can. Be sure the land you choose meets your requirements; for instance flat land vs. hilly land.

Checking Out the Land

You can check out properties on line or you can go in person; take along your topography map and compass. Do as much investigating as you can without trespassing or violating anyone's privacy. You can do this by walking along fence lines or simply by driving by

Write  Letters

If you find a piece of property that you truly like, then your next step is to write a letter to the owner. State in the letter you'd like to make an offer on the land; you can either ask them how much they want or make an outright offer. Send out as many letters as you can and then sit back and wait for responses. Some folks may tell you that the land isn't for sale, or that it's worth much more than you offered, or they might even accept your offer outright.

The hope is that you'll run across someone who is ready to sell for one reason or another; maybe the land is just not convenient, they're sick of paying the taxes or they just need some extra cash. Offering to buy the land can save them the hassle of dealing with a real estate agent and paying the commission, and it could get you a great deal on the land of your dreams.  

Other Methods

You might also hear by word of mouth about a good parcel of land for sale. I recommend doing a little networking in the area where you want to buy land; you could be surprised at what you find. Of course always take advantage of the Internet and the local papers in your area of choice as well.

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