Cities in United States with the Most Tallest Buildings
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Cities in United States with the Most Tallest Buildings

These are the cities in the United States with the most tallest buildings. Each city listed here as at least 37 buildings that are 328 feet or taller in height. Real estate in most of these cities is at a premium, so the owners of the land in these cities try to build up instead of out. That way the owners of real estate in these cities can maximize their profits from rents and incomes.

Each one of these cities have at least 37 buildings that top out over 328 feet in height. While most of the really tall buildings in these cities are office buildings, many of the other buildings in these cities are residential buildings filled with condos, co-ops and apartments for rent or sale. Some are even hotels.

Cities in United States with the Most Tallest Buildings

1. New York- 794


Image Source by TimWilson

There are 794 buildings in New York City that are at least 328 feet in height or taller. Most of the tallest buildings in New York City are on the island of Manhattan. Great buildings in New York include the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. The new One World Trade Center building will be 1,368 feet tall when completed, with a 408 foot tall spire on top of that.

Real estate in New York City is worth an absolute fortune. With space so compressed, especially in Manhattan, people who own the real estate build their buildings with height to get the maximum rents and income possible out of them. Hence, New York City has the most number of tallest buildings of all the cities in the United States, and second most in the world behind Hong Kong.

2. Chicago- 341

Image Source

While land is at a premium in Chicago, the city is not as compacted as Manhattan is, so there are less tall buildings in Chicago than New York. Still, with 341 buildings that top out at 328 feet or higher, Chicago ranks second in the country in terms of most number of tallest buildings.

The tallest building in Chicago is the Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower. With a height of 1,451 feet, the Willis Tower is the tallest building in the United States, and seventh tallest building in the world.

3. Miami- 137

Image Source by Averette

When people in the United States think of tall buildings they usually don't think of the city of Miami, Florida, but Miami has 137 buildings that are 328 feet or higher in height. The tallest building in Miami is a hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel at 789 feet in height. Many of the tallest buildings in Miami are hotels or residential buildings with condos and apartments. Miami's 137 buildings with a height of 328 feet or higher are the 21st most of any city in the world.

4. Honolulu- 104

Image Source

Honolulu, Hawaii does not have very many especially tall buildings, the tallest is the First Hawaiian Center at 429 feet, but the beautiful city has 104 buildings that top out over 328 feet in height. Like Miami, many of the tall buildings in Honolulu are hotels and residential buildings with condos, co-ops and apartments for rent or sale. If money was no object, who wouldn't want to own a condo, co-op or apartment in Honolulu?

5. Houston- 86


Image Source

The city of Houston, Texas has 86 buildings that are over 328 feet in height. That is fifth most in the United States, and 33rd most in the world. The tallest building in Houston is the 1,002 foot high JP Morgan Chase Tower. There are over 30 buildings in Houston that are over 500 feet in height. Many of them are corporate office buildings for the energy companies based in Houston, Texas.

6. San Francisco- 37


Image Source

There are 37 buildings in San Francisco, California that are over 328 feet in height. The city of San Francisco sits almost in a bowl, which makes the real estate in the city itself pretty valuable, since it's limited. So even though San Francisco is located in a dangerous earthquake zone in California, owners of buildings still try to make them relatively tall for maximum profits. 

The tallest building in San Francisco is the Transamerica Pyramid at 853 feet in height. 

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